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Winegard Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Division is poised to enable advanced technology into your products. We work with a variety of technologies that make for intuitive and feature-rich products. If your project requires advanced integrations and tech, consider working with a partner that understands the nuance and complexities of the following technologies.



The Internet of Things (IoT) is the way of the future, and we are specialists who understand how to create products that bring the benefits of IoT to life.



Working with the Cloud is second nature to Winegard as we are experts at its architecture and making products that are Cloud-enabled.


Remote Updates

Receiving Remote Updates through the internet is something that we have been doing for years to ensure products stay up to date in the field.


Voice Control

We have worked hard to create offline Voice Control to manage functionality and commands for technology products that make life easier for end consumers.



Keeping an eye on things with Monitoring sensors has been an important facet of our holistic approach to technology for data-driven insights.


Location Tracking

Assets are protected with Location Tracking that is GPS and internet enabled for knowing where something currently is located. 

"Beyond our basic services, we can help you integrate powerful, cloud-enabled IoT functionality into electronic solutions."

Grant Whipple, President & COO at Winegard Company

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