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Built on a legacy of innovation

We have our roots in Winegard Company since 1953 and have been building incredible technology in the USA

The contract manufacturing arm of Winegard Company has decades of experience and quality assurance to draw from to ensure your project wins

Winegard Advanced Manufacturing & Technology Division is the culmination of a diverse productization process with in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, and technology innovation built into one contract manufacturing experience.

Take your project to the next level by also taking advantage of Winegard's innovative IoT solutions and cloud-platform. This is well suited for smart electronic projects.


Our Mission

We are committed to providing the most all-inclusive contract manufacturing experience and technology innovation for your projects

We endeavor to always exceed your expectations of quality. We strive to provide a seamless contract manufacturing experience from start to finish. We seek to accomplish industry-leading turnaround times to promote your success. 

Core Values


We set our sights on leading the pack with creative and purpose-built solutions.


We aim to work together to produce the ideal solution for the end user.


We work hard to make the products meet the highest quality standards.

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